Tooling Boards & Machineable Resins

Tooling and Modeling Boards

Range of tooling boards for modelling, tooling as well as machinable casting epoxy and PU resins.

MBEP75 is an epoxy modelling / fairing compound. Can be used in boat manufacturing, as well as applied over polystyrene foam for CNC machining. Density 0,75

MBPU700 is a Polyurethane Modelling board, 1000 x 500 x 50 mm in size, with 80 Degree C Operating temperature (HDT). Density 0,75

PU416 is a casting or putty polyurethane to manufacture furniture components.

P100Y is a light weight (density 0,7) with DBP paste tube, used as a Body Filler or Paste Fairing Compound.

MBEP800 is a high temperature epoxy modelling board. HDT > 100 C