Epoxy Laminating Resins

Epoxy Laminating and Impregnating Systems

Epoxy laminating resins room temperature and heat cured for composite tools, general composite components, foundry patterns and moulds, coating of large transformer laminations.

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  • CR289- CH2 - Flame Retardant Resin
    TechnoJoint Cable Systems CR289  - CH22 is a Clear Flame Retardant epoxy resin used in epoxy cable jointing systems, and general encapsulation of electrical components. Rigid Cable Joints: Mould size available: TJ0; TJ1; TJ2; TJ2.5; TJ3 and TJ4 ..
  • ER12 - Epoxy Clear Resin
    ER12 is a general purpose standard epoxy resin, medium viscosity (12000 cP) used as a main component in many applications, such as electrical encapsualtion (with suitable fillers), impregnation, etc. ER12 may be used for pebble paving with EH16 hardener but it has a very limited UV resistance. ..
  • ER20 - Laminating & Casting Resin
    ER 20 Laminating & Casting Resin  ER 20 Resin, also known as M Resin, is a widely used resin for electrical, tool making, foundry negatives and patterns, general composites. It contains a high percentage of flexibilizer and therefore it is only used for ambient temperature applications u..
  • ER56 - Epoxy Laminating Resin
    ER56 is an epoxy resin used with hot curing anhydride hardeners for composite and electrical applications. Vaccum forming tools can be developed using ER56 with hardener EH276 together with tooling fabrics and aluminium granules. EH276 is a hot curing hardener with a certain degree of flexibility..
  • FR5 - FH5 - Shore Membrane
    All products are available via the trade only. Please visit www.art-damp.co.za for more details   Shore Membrane FR5 - FH5 GENERAL PROPERTIES Membrane Resin FR5 - FH5 is a premium quality waterproofing liquid with high strength normally used with fabric membrane. Ideal to..
  • LP73 - Laminating Paste 50 C HDT
    LP 73 is used with hardeners LH96Z and LH975Z (sets faster) to make foundry negatives and patterns and to reinforce general composite tools. Is it also a very useful repair compound in plant and equipment. LP74 is a slightly more wetter paste (less filler)  easy to apply, makes light -..