Epoxy Filled Casting Resins

Filled casting epoxy resins are widely used for potting and encapsulating electrical components.

The main reasons for adding fillers to epoxy resins are: Lower exotherm (heat build up) and shrinkage which are important factors when making large castings; lower cost.

Disadvantages are higher viscosity.

(Details of individual systems are shown below this list of Resins and Hardeners)

CR375 white, very flexible casting epoxy for electronics.

ER105 brown epoxy filled resin, non – flexibilized. Great for potting electrical components, coils, welding transformers, etc. Great mechanical properties. Generally used with Tek113B for good gloss.

ER130 (Brown) and ER131 (Black) are general purpose potting resins, non – flexililized. Generally used hardeners EH131 and EH132 (slightly faster).

Tek130 W (white) and Tek130B (blue) are self-extinguishing (FV0 rated) resins used with any of the hardeners shown below, generally used with Tek113B. Available on other colours on request.

Tek130B is available with higher viscosity hardener EH976 for application with automatic filling machines.

Tek148 filled resin used mainly as crusher backing in mining applications. XR210 (yellow) and XH210 (Blue) casting system with density of 2,1. Used as ballast and general potting applications. Mixed system is green in colour.

CR263 is a natural colour (beige) similar to ER105. Rigid. General potting of small transformers. Normally used with H1 or Tek113B hardener.

CR272 is an aluminium filled grey resin with improved heat conductivity properties, mainly used to make vacuum forming tools, but it may be used for potting and general repairs. Used with high HDT hardeners such as CH321S, EH4 or EH275 it achieves high temperatures under load.

CR299 is a silicon carbide filled, blue, very hard. Used where abrasion resistance is required, such as foundry patterns. Can be used to repair steel castings. Normally used with a slow hardener such as EH60 or EH230 for larger castings.

ER362 is highly filled to reduce shrinkage in very large castings, such as electro-magnets. Usually used in combination with EH62 hardener offer a HDT of about 90 C. For higher HDT it can be used with CH350 or EH4.

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