Electrical Cable Jointing

Electrical Cable Jointing Systems

Technoresin offers two distinct types of cable repair systems, namely TechnoJoint Rigid Systems and SuperFlex Flexible Systems for trailing cables.

TechnoJoint Cable Repair System

Rigid Cable jointing systems are used in general applications, sub-contractors, mining, municipalities, etc.

The main types of resin are: Tek140 General Purpose PU Black; Tek130W (FV0 rated) white epoxy and; CR289 Clear epoxy, flame-retradant.

This system comprises of 5 sizes of injected clear PVC mould sizes (No: 0,1,2, 2.5, 3 and 4)

SuperFlex Trailing Cable Repair System

PX160 (Shore hardness A60) and PX170 (Shore hardness A70) highly elastic (500% elongation), extremely high abrasion resistant and high rebound properties, combined with self-extinguishing properties (FV0) packed in 400 and 500 g for trailing cable joints used mainly in Coal Mines, submersible pumps, overhead cranes and general applications where vibration and moving equipment is used.

This system offers a range of re-usable clear moulds made from PVC or PETG.