General Repairs - Construction

We offer a wide range of products for the construction and repair industry, such as road maintenance and construction (epoxy for sticking road studs and reflectors), road marking paint, concrete repair epoxy mortar, epoxy and PU sealing compounds, quick-setting epoxy adhesives, etc.

Putties: AR125, Tek124 and AR242, AR135 Glass Reinforced Adhesive; AR136 Quick set Adhesive; AR139 Super Steel Putty and AR138 Heat Resistant Putty.

Casting Grouting Epoxies: Tek148 and Tek148XT Iron Filled Casting

Thixotropic Adhesives: AR16-AH16

Sealing Compounds: LR295 and SR220

Flowcoat for Swimming pools: ER12F - EH43 plus primer ER12 / EH51

Crack Injection System: LR214 - EH511