Body Filler & Polishes

We manufacture a range of Light weight polyester and epoxy Body Fillers and Pastes.

BF100 Y Light weight polyester body filler (density 0,72) 1 L = 720 g. Sold by volume. Using advanced fillers for very easy sanding, low shrinkage.

MPEP75  Epoxy Modeling Paste / Fairing Compound, used in epoxy boat  manufacturing, Density 0,75.

Fast Cut and Fine Water- based Polishes.

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  • 990F - Polish Fast Cut
    Fast Cut Polish High cutting compound, specially designed for the elimination of lasrge scratches and for processes which require rapid action. Ideal for polishing cured final paints and master models coated with 2K coats.  Its versatility enables it even manually applied to return a high..
  • 992S - Finishing Glaze
    Finishing Glaze 992S is a polish with teflon to obtain a highly professional gloss level. It effectively eliminates sanding marks and small finish imperfections. Its protective properties guarantees a high resistance to chemical, physical and environmental agents.   ..