Polyurethane Casting Resins

PU Casting Resins

A wide range of PU resins for electrical potting (packed in squish packs); fast cast resins for prototypes, moulds, patterns, negatives; abrasion resistant casting resins for foundry patterns, concrete moulds, general wear resistant components and blocks; casting resins for crusher backing, etc

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  • MC14 - F33 - Fast Cast
    C14 Fast Cast - F33 Filler Packing: 500g MC14 A Resin + 500g MC14B Hardener + 1 kg F33 Orders can be placed over the phone or by email. Delivery will be done within 24 or 48 hours to Gauteng via a courier. A fixed price is charged for a standard 4 kg package. Ideal to make decorative pieces..
  • MC14 - Fast Cast - Glass Laminate
    MC14 Fast Cast - Glass Laminate MC14 is normally used as a casting resin to make ornamental objects. it has a working time of about 2 minutes ans ets in 10 to 15 minutes. This makes MC14 ideal to make quick supporting shells for Silicone skin moulds. Simply by cutting small pieces of glass ..
  • MC15 - Fast Cast
    Fast Cast Polyurethane casting resin MC15 used with three diferent hardeners ISO 2, ISO 3 and ISO 6 is an un-filled fast-curing system which has been developed especificaly for the production of vacuum deep-drawing tools and milling supports. Iso 3 attains operating temperature of about 140 C whi..
  • MC15 - Hi Temp Fast Cast
    MC15 High Temperature Fast Cast MC15 is used with hardener ISO 3 (MC15B). This system was developed especially for the production of vacuum deep-drawing tools and milling supports. Characteristics Mix ratio: MC15A: 100 g + MC15B (ISO 3): 170 g   Long pot life : 15 - 20 minutes ..
  • MC2 - Fast Cast
    Fast Cast PU MC2 (SG2).   Easy to use fast cast resin. Ideal to make ornaments and general castings. Slightly slower than MC14. Working time 3 - 4 minutes. F33 filler is a low cost extender - it lowers the cost, and reduces heat generated.   Mix half of the F33 with Resin A and..
  • MC2 - FR123 - Fast cast
    MC2 is a fast cast PU which when used with filler FR123, will impart self - extinguishing properties to castings and moulded products. Used to make electrical boxes, components and any industrial component requiring self-extinguishing properties. Its fast demoulding time allows quick turn around ..