Negatives: Method 1

Negatives: Method 1 (Full Casting)

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  • ER20 - EH975 - Laminating Resin
    ER20 - EH975 Laminating System This system is the standard laminating system for foundry negatives and patterns. EH975 offers quick rigidity and medium viscosity to prevent run off. EH96 is a lower viscosity hardener. ..
  • ER20 - Laminating & Casting Resin
    ER 20 Laminating & Casting Resin  ER 20 Resin, also known as M Resin, is a widely used resin for electrical, tool making, foundry negatives and patterns, general composites. It contains a high percentage of flexibilizer and therefore it is only used for ambient temperature applications u..
  • MC2 - Fast Cast
    Fast Cast PU MC2 (SG2).   Easy to use fast cast resin. Ideal to make ornaments and general castings. Slightly slower than MC14. Working time 3 - 4 minutes. F33 filler is a low cost extender - it lowers the cost, and reduces heat generated.   Mix half of the F33 with Resin A and..
  • PU330 - PU88
    A two-component filled polyurethane casting resin, tough-elastic, hardness shore D 50, which results in easy to cast polymer with a 30 minute pot life. Non-hygroscopic PU, easy to handle. Main application is to make negatives, prototypes and electrical potting. It can filled with extra fillers..