Pebble Velvet Unseamed Paving

Pepple Velvet is our registered brand name for pebble paving.

Our pebbles are polished, and in 2020 we have 20 standard colours. Other custom colours can be created, by blending these 20 colours in different ways, or by adding some other combinations.

The primer used is RE16 with 2% Cat16. The usage is about 300 to 400 g / m2.

The binder is RE43 + 1,5 to 2,5% Cat43 + 12,5 kg pebbles per m2, at about 10 mm thick.

The pebble sizes are: 0,5 to 1 mm / 1 to 2 mm (the most popular) and 3 to 4 mm

The pebbles are applied by experienced contractors, who are not employed by Technoresin. They buy our materials and find their own customers. Individuals are also welcome to buy direct, and apply it themselves, at their own risk. Pebble paving application is a specialized filed, that requires some practice.

Technoresin is responsible for the qualilty of the products, but not responsible for the end results.

The RE43 + pebbles should be supplied to the customer by the applicator, as a tile sample. Either on a piece of wood, bardboard, ot tile. The colours can be inpected and approved. The pebble surface should not be sticky. 

A top coat can be applied to keep its glossy appearance. UV will tend to make the resins lose it glossyness.

A varnish is availabe, RE9M to apply multiple thin coats with a roller. This varnish is pure acrylic , and applied without a catalyst, for maximum UV resistance. It must be applied in very thin layers with a semi - dry roller. 

Under no circumstances must it be applied so as to fill the spaces between the pebbles. it will not dry fast enough, and dust may accumulate on the surface. 

RE43 + Cat43 can also be used as a top coat, diluted 5% with xylene or 99% pure acetone. It must also be applied in very thin layers, to avoid flooding the voids between the pebbles. Excessive resin will spoil the look of pebble paving.



These products are to be applied by trained applicators.

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