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CP25 Clear Polyester

CP25 - Polyester Clear casting resin. For encapsulating objects and clear coatings. Small casting only. Pipettes are available to measure the 1% catalyst required. CP25 reacts with silicone moulds. If a smooth and glossy surface is required, we recommend using glass moulds coated with our Marbocote Release Agent

Code: CP25/05 CP 25 Resin 500 g + 10 g MEKP catalyst (use 0,8 to 1%)

Code: CP25 / 1 CP25 Resin 1 kg + 20 g MEKP catalyst

Doming Resin DR51 & DH96

Flexible and 2 hour drying time. Mix ratio 2: 1

Use syringes to measure small quantities accurately.

Code: DR51 and DH96


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  • CP25 Clear Polyester Resin
    CP25 Clear Polyester Resin Resin: 500 g + Catalyst 10g Recommended Catalyst %: For 100g CP25 use 1 ml Catalyst (0,8 ml for larger castings). Use a pipette or syringe to measure the catalyst. Orders can be placed over the phone or by email. Delivery within 24 to 48 hours by courier. Th..
  • DR51 - DH96 - Doming
    DR51 - DH96 Doming System Standard doming resin for labels and badges. Flexible and 2 hour set time. Available in kit form (DR51 : 5 kg and 1 kg and DH96: 2,5kg and 500 g) as well as in cartridges of 50 ml and 200 ml. Manual applicators for the cartridges are available. Easy 2 : 1 ratio. Ca..
  • MC14 - F33 - Fast Cast
    C14 Fast Cast - F33 Filler Packing: 500g MC14 A Resin + 500g MC14B Hardener + 1 kg F33 Orders can be placed over the phone or by email. Delivery will be done within 24 or 48 hours to Gauteng via a courier. A fixed price is charged for a standard 4 kg package. Ideal to make decorative pieces..
  • Moulds Choc - Soap - Candles
    Selection of Vacuum forming moulds for many applications   Chocolate Moulds Candle Moulds Wax Moulds We can design and manufacture moulds to customers requirements ..
  • Pipettes
    Pipettes Pipettes are useful to measure small amounts of MEKP catalyst for CP25 resin (0,8 to 1%) or the red catalyst for RTV25 (3 to 5 %). Syringes are also very handy to measure small amounts of resins, hardeners or catalysts. ..
  • Polished Pebbles
    Polished Pebbles used for Pebble Paving branded as Pebble Velvet. Can also be used Arts & Crafts to make Mosaic type pictures and Murals. Doming Resin DR51 and DH96 is used to glue the pebbles to the boards. Visit  for more information about pebble paving and..