Boating Industry

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  • CR238 - Modeling Epoxy Paste
    CR 238 Modeling Paste Easy to apply, non- abrasive, non- sagging modeling paste. Can be mixed and applied by hand or extruded with an economical dosing system. Ideal for applying over master models made from wood or high - density polystyrene and CNC machined. A 5 to 20 mm coating can be appli..
  • EP970 - Epoxy Infusion Resin
    Epoxy Infusion resin used with a variety of hardeners to give variable pot life. Good impregnation and wetting properties. Used to make fibreglass, carbon and aramid tools, moulds, boating components, etc. Mixed viscosity from 500 (pot life 250 minutes) to 1100 cP (pot life 25 minutes). HDT 70..
  • Gel Coat OK White Epoxy
    White epoxy gel coat easy to sand, used to make foundry negatives, and to repair composite products. especially designed for moulds used in the ceramic industry. ..
  • HC25 - Honeycomb
    Resin Honeycomb 25 mm cell size. Ideal to replace wood in caravan and other light weight sandwich construction panels. Thickness from 4 to 50 mm or as required. Easy to bond to fibreglass skins) Density: 9,2 kg / m2 (20 mm thick)  (Chipboard 18 kg/ m2 20 mm thick) ..
  • HC38 - Honeycomb
    HC38 Honeycomb Economic and extremelly strong honeycomb, from 5 to 50 mm thickness. Easy to bond to fibreglass skins  Ideal for caravans, boating and other light weight structures. Density: 20 mm thick, weight 6,2 kg / 2 (Chipboard weighs 18 kg / m2) ..
  • LP73 - Laminating Paste
    LP 73 is used with hardeners LH96Z and LH975Z (sets faster) to make foundry negatives and patterns and to reinforce general composite tools. Is it also a very useful repair compound in plant and equipment. LP74 is a slightly more wetter paste (less filler)  easy to apply, makes light -..