Mould Making Courses

Mould Making Courses

Please contact our office for the next available course.

Courses generaly deal with the different types of Silicone Mould making techniques using our RTV25 and RTV38 as well as the Food Grade Silicone RTV22;

Moulds can also be made with Fast Cast MC14, which is the preferred casting resin for quick models and ornaments.

Other materials that can be dealt with on request are:

Clear doming resins for badges and mosaic work, mainly using LR214 and LH92 or LR151 with EH16 (UV resistant version).

Clear castings can be obtained with a Clear polyester resin CP25 (suitable for plastic or glass moulds) or the Clear Range of Epoxy systems such as LR151 with hardeners (EH230 very slow); EH231 faster. This epoxy system can provide very clear castings, even using silicone moulds.

For UV resistant clear castings, LR151 with EH16 can be used.

Fiberglass based moulds can also be discussed.

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