Pipe Joint Corrosion Protection

TechnoJoint Anti-Corrosion Pipe Coupling and Welded Joints Protection System


A patented system for corrosion protection of couplings. This system is installation-ready technology - providing fast easy to apply protection to underground pipe couplings.

Due to temperature fluctuations all structures and systems within it, including piping and machinery, experience dimension changes that results in stress on the piping system and potentially damaging forces.

The inherent design of the Technojoint flexible anti-corrosion for couplings used in grooved piping system accommodates this expansion and contraction by allowing for linear movements and deflection capabilities.

PU370 is a specially designed casting PU resin, which offers good flexibility, adhesion to steel and hot-dipped galvanized couplings.

Fast setting, low viscosity, easy to apply.

Easy to remove to repair the couplings.

For more information refer to the Pipeline Protection Application

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