Pipe Joint Protection

A patented system for corrosion protection of couplings. This system is installation-ready technology - providing fast easy to apply protection to underground pipe couplings.

Suitable for groved pipes joined by couplings as well as large welded pipelines using a unique injction technique. For more details see Pipeline Protection section.Pipe Joint Protection.

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  • CR372 - Epoxy Casting Resin
    CR372 Resin with CH372 Hardener is a Flexible Epoxy System for the protection of Pipe Jointing Couplings. Pigmented to suit customers requirements. This system is used for corrosion protection for coupling joints in grooved pipes. TechnoJoint Patented Installation  - Ready Technology ..
  • CR374 - Pipe Protection Epoxy
    CR374 is a high performance, low viscosity, clear, flexible, anti-corrosion epoxy used mainly as a pipe anti-corrosion coating. Used by injection moulding. Can also be used for crack injection or joint sealing. Can also be pigmented. Packing to suit the size of the mould. Two-component squi..
  • Tar Modified Epoxy
    CR373 is a two-component tar modified epoxy system to protect pipeline couplings against corrosion from water, acids, alkalines and salts.  Good adhesion and compatibility with pipes which are coated with tar based coatings. Market Testing Technoresin will be conducting field tests..