Wear Resistant Coatings

Epoxy and polyurethane wear resistant compounds. The main epoxy compound is WR177 - WR177 B (120 C) and WR177 - WR176B (RT) paste formulated abrasion resistant, high density sintered alumina beads. CR179 is a casting version.

A wide variety of Polyurethane compounds are available, namely: PU6465 for surface castings of wear resistant tools; PX160, PX170 and PU428 for cable jointing and conveyor repair and industrial components;

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  • CR143 - Iron Filled Epoxy
     CR143 - CH143 Iron Filled Grouting Epoxy CR143 with hardener CH143 is a casting epoxy system filled with iron powder, with extremely high physical properties for foundation work and grouting of machinery. Easy to mix and cast; slow to medium setting time. Resin is pigmented grey and h..
  • CR179 - Casting Abrasion Resin
    CR179 is a casting epoxy offering exceptional hardness and wear resistance properties. Used to cast components, protection plates and general repairs ..
  • CR299 - TEK113 - Epoxy Casting Resin
    CR299 is a casting epoxy resin filled with a combination of silicon carbide and other very hard fillers. It can be used with a selection of hardeners, such as EH69 anf Tek113B. This casting resin system is an excellent choice for anti-abrasion patterns for foundry patterns and ceramic brick making m..
  • CR372 - Epoxy Casting Resin
    CR372 Resin with CH372 Hardener is a Flexible Epoxy System for the protection of Pipe Jointing Couplings. Pigmented to suit customers requirements. This system is used for corrosion protection for coupling joints in grooved pipes. TechnoJoint Patented Installation  - Ready Technology ..
  • PU143 - Casting PU
    PU143 Casting PU PU143 is a tough, resilient and semi-flexible casting PU, with a long pot life (about 20 minutes) suitable for casting table edging, as well as abrasion resistant electrical joints. Long pot life combined with low viscosity offers easy processing. Hardness Shore A:  70..
  • PU16 - Flooring Top Coat
    PU16 Flooring Top Coat PU 16 is an two - part acrylic polyurethane, glossy attractive top coat, which produces a smooth finish and hard film. Easy to clean Excellent gloss and colour retention Excellent weatherability Excellent abrasion resistance Excellent flexibility   ..