About Us


Technoresin is a manufacturer and supplier to the Composites, DIY, Electrical, Construction, Arts & Crafts, Mining industries, among others. we specialize in the custom manufacture and distribution of small to medium production runs. No order is too small or large for us.

Among our vast range of products, we offer the following:

Structural adhesives (SM20, P74, P33), (composites, plastics and metals); Mining wear resistant coatings (WR177), and Crusher backing resins (Tek148), Electrical casting and potting compounds, cable jointing kits; Construction repair mortars (Tek124 and AR125), epoxy adhesives (AR16), Rising Damp Control (SR87), and many more products, complemented by a comprehensive range of products whihc enable Technoresin to provide customers with solutions throigh all aspects of the manufacturing, from pattern making, tooling to component production and repairs, manufacture and potting of all kinds of electrical and electronic components, using a diverse range of innovative tehcnologies to meet the demanding needs of our customers.


Working together, our aim is to provide our customers with uncompromising quality, innovation and continuous improvement, whihc will result in the profitable growth and financial strength our pur company and create a future for all involved.


Exceed customer expectations, Employee empowerment, Continuous developtment, Stake holder satisfaction, Supplier involvement, Social responsibility, Integrity and Pursuit of Excellence.

We are committed to the success of our customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers and the communities in whihc we operate. we offer practical advice to our customers problems.


Technoresin is committed to the ongoing development of innovative programs whihc meet the dynamic needs of its customers.


We can provide practical programs to our customers in the use of our products.


  • Water -proofing compounds and Rising Damp Control
  • Wood Restoration System
  • Tooling and Pattern making products, including Machinable Boards
  • Release Agents
  • Structural Adhesives (PU, Epoxy, Methacrylates - SM20)
  • Casting resin (Epoxy, PU, Silicone, Polyester, Acrylics)
  • Coating Resin UV resistant (Epoxy, PU, Polyester and Acrylics)
  • Pebble Paving
  • Electrical Casting and Potting
  • Abrasion resistant coatings for mining
  • Cable Jointing Systems (flexible and rigid)
  • Dough Moulding Compounds (DMC)
  • Epoxy Concrete repairs,
  • Table Edging systems (PU)
  • Auxiliary Products